High Frequency (ENG)

High Frequency welding machines

We are located in Esparreguera, near Barcelona, Spain.

Our high frequency machines are manufactured in China with the guidance and engineering from Europe, allowing us to provide good solutions at an affordable price while reaching european quality.

While we can have some standards models for industries like tarpaulin, our goal is to develope a product that matches your needs, not just a matter of power, but those small things you specifally need for your business. We will make the machine you need.

Commontly the high frequency welders are used in industries like automotive, tarpaulin, shower curtains, stretched ceilings, oil booms, signs, tents, pool covers, blisters, belts, and any kind of industry that needs welding or embossing PVC, PU or even some PET.

Machines can be stationary, but also moveable or the rotary type with several positions and robots.

Máquina de 15kw con cabezal rotatorio para barreras de petróleo
15kw HF machine for oil booms with rotating head